Tank Trouble 4 is a must have for every gamer’s arsenal

Tank Trouble 4 is a must have for every gamer's arsenalIntroduction

Released in 2016, the latest installment in the uber popular online game series Tank Trouble. Tank Trouble 4 is a very simple game that will guarantee hours of destructive fun whether riding solo or facing off with friends. This is one of the few PC games that will work with nearly any computer whether powered by Mac or Windows. With throwback graphics, this game is an instant classic.


As will all the predessors of the Tank Trouble series, the objective of this game is to navigate the map trying to avoid your enemy’s fire while simultaneously trying to destroy their tank. Gamers can take on levels in one player mode where they will be pitted against a computer controlled, strategically skillful opponent by the name of Laika. She will test the skills of even the most veteran players.

Even if players can defeat the crafty Laika, the game does not end there. Players have the ability to battle their friends in multiplayer mode that will allow up to three players to face off head to head to head. In three player mode, strategies are tested to the limit. Only the most proficient general will find victory on the multiplayer battlefield.


This game allows up to 3 users to play the game using the same computer. Two players will utilize the keyboard to control their tanks, while a third can use the mouse to control their tank. The buttons each player uses are carefully spread apart on the keyboard to ensure that each player can control their units without interference from the other players on the battlefield.

Player One– The <e>,<s>,<d>,<f> buttons will control tank while the <q> button is used to fire the tank.

Player Two– The arrow keys will control the tank while the <m> key is used to fire the tank.

Player Three– Controls tank movement with the mouse, while clicking the mouse to make the tank fire.


Overall Tank Trouble 3 online receives a 4.2 out of 5 stars. This game does not have the most advanced graphics, but it is not designed to. This game was intended to be a simple game that didn’t take up a ton of storage or an advanced graphics chip. The gameplay is fun and the controls are simple. Tank Trouble creators have taken the time to address programming bugs in order to provide a smoother gaming experience. Tank Trouble 4 is definitely worth checking out for gamers of any age. Challenge your friends today!

Gamer’s Guide – Happy Wheels

Gamer’s Guide – Happy WheelsControl a whacky character on all different means of transport (yes, including Segway and wheelchair) on dangerous tracks until their comically blood spewing bodies finally cross the finish line … or die. That is the brief for the full Happy Wheels game that has developed somewhat of a cult following for its humorous nature and ability to waste away hours.

To start, all you need is a basic understanding of how to work the arrow keys and you’re ready to go. More complex controls may be needed as you become more experienced such as the ability use a special action, which changes according to the vehicle, with the space bar. For a first timer though, it shouldn’t take too long at all to pick up.

There are endless levels in the second Happy Wheels game that will take you literally hours to test, and it is strangely captivating when you find a particularly difficult one to complete that requires some tactical thinking and skill. This is the other dimension to the game which proves its not all about the humor. I found the level “Chaos City” both accurately titled and a good one to test yourself on. If you can complete that one without much practice, you would be considered a real natural. However, if your after a bit of bloodshed, then you can’t go past the “Speed Bridge” level which should provide plenty of that without too much trouble. A significant aspect of the game is that the levels are created by fellow players and when you play them, you have to opportunity to provide feedback.

Even in writing this article, I’ve had to go back and test the game out and I can say with my hand on my heart that it is a truly entertaining game perfect for any office or classroom in the world. Have fun!


About Dolphin Olympics

About Dolphin OlympicsWho said the Olympics were just limited to human beings? With the Dolphin Olympics games, you’ll not only get an exciting time guiding these amazing sea creatures to do extremely astonishing stunts, but you’ll also develop quick reflexes and analytical thinking skills. The main idea of the game is simple: to navigate your dolphin through the waters and do as many tricks as possible within the time limit. The more complicated the tricks are, the higher points are awarded to your dolphin. Pressing the up arrow key moves your dolphin, while the left and right arrow keys navigate the direction. The down arrow key spins the dolphin for better moves. The game starts as you navigate your dolphin in the water with a time limit. By pressing the keys you make you can make your dolphin jump in the air so you can perform your tricks something similar can be found in unblocked QWOP game. There are special rings that extend the timer when your dolphin passes through them. The tricky part is to time your landing properly so you can continue doing more tricks. If you land your dolphin flat on the surface of the water, you slow down, prompting you to restart the momentum, wasting time. A good way is to make sure that your dolphin is tilted forward as it lands so it doesn’t stop. The first three versions of the game (Dolphin Olympics 1, 2 and 3) are simply focused on you making your dolphin do tricks under the time limit. The fourth installation of the game, however, is more of a campaign where you navigate your dolphin among the planets to save the kidnapped prime minister. Overall, Dolphin Olympics is a very good game for children of all ages; with its fun and witty challenges, you are definitely in for a good time as you watch these cute creatures of the sea and their amazing stunts. Also you can play Electric man 2 at www.2electricman.com .

Impossible Quiz 4 quick review

Impossible Quiz four is the newest brain game taking the hungry world by storm. Everyone is trying to get smarter in the most innovative way, and this quiz is a good example. But what’s so great about it?

impossible quiz 4

Well—maybe you should take the Impossible quiz Four before you try to answer. If you’ve ever taken a class in religion or philosophy, especially Eastern philosophy you have probably heard of that famous question asked by the Buddha or the Krishna or the Dalai Lama, I’m not sure which:

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

And while you stood there trying to whiz your hand at the air and make a sound (and you can actually hear it, it sounds like mosquito wings if you do it really really fast) the teacher probably asked you another question:

If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one to hear it, does it make any noise

Well, now while you stand there scratching your head, you have just been introduced to the trick of why Impossible Quiz Four is so entertaining. It’s a quiz that teases your mind, and you don’t know whether to laugh or cry, or walk away. What it’s really trying to do is free your thought process from the ruts it gets into.

I’ll just give you an example, because how can I review the test if I haven’t taken it? So I took a little bit of it. And let me just ask you Einsteins out there, Can a Match box? Well? Can it?


If you start thinking about the way you think about matches (the ones you use for fires, and the ones you put together like socks) and then you start thinking about boxing (the ones that you watch in the ring and the ones you put presents in) then you realize, there is more than one way to skin a cat—and life is full of possibilities. And that’s why the Quiz is so much fun. To play previous version of the game please follow the link Impossiblequiz3.info .


Boxhead Zombie Wars Unblocked version

Introduction :

boxhead zombie warsThe world of gaming is getting much attention from their audiences; especially millions of games are generating hell lot of traffic these days. Although this has always been the case, however, with the new mini-games that are popping up in the gaming world that fulfills the gamers with a short attention span. There are many genres that have carved a secure place in the hearts of devoted players, yet the most preferred one still today is the Action Genre. Moreover, this genre has gained much popularity since the Gulf war just because people relate more to what they hear and see on a regular basis. However, to name one of the currently popular games nowadays, in the action genre is none aside from Box head zombie wars hacked.

Game Features :

Like any other online games in this genre, the Boxhead Zombies Hacked comes with a regular story line up since anything with zombies is in these days, whether it is movies or online games. However, when it comes to the graphics of the game the graphics team gets the highest points. Unlike other online games the complexity level intensifies and the weapons become more and more complex with the game progression. The gamer is given the task to fight the zombies and exterminate them using some improvised weapons and armors. Frankly speaking, the game itself is quite nerve racking and players could lose their interest when the cash for the game runs short. Another feature of this game is you are given one life to play this game, so players are advised to use it wisely. Moreover, one of the interesting feature of the Boxhead zombie wars hacked is that once this game is downloaded and installed, the gamer’s account by no means is short on funds thus ensuring that the gamer never lose control of the game or their focus or thrill for the game.

Instructions for the Game : 
Your mission is simple, as always you have to destroy all the rogues, up to the Devil. To gain new weaponry and other equipment, you need to kill the enemy swiftly and to increase the multiplayer usually with one shot.


Game controls :
The keyboard mostly controls the game largely. The player uses the ARROW KEYS for movement in the game. The SPACEBAR is pressed to shoot. You could use “Z” or “X” KEYS to select a next or previous weapon or select weapons directly with NUMBER KEYS.

Sources :

Tips of Playing Apple Shooter to the Highest Level

Apple Shooter is a simple but interesting online game to play during your leisure time. It is simple enough for both adults and children to enjoy. The game involves shooting the apple off the head of your friend using a bow and an arrow without injuring your friend. Ensure that you have aimed the target accurately because when you miss the target, you are allowed to shoot another arrow but if you hit your friend accidentally, the game ends instantly. Your shooting accuracy can help your friend survive in “Apple Shooting”.

Tips of Playing Apple Shooter to the Highest LevelControls

Your mouse entirely controls Apple Shooter. Using your mouse, you aim the arrow at the apple on top of your best friend’s head and press the mouse button to increase strength. The longer you press the button, the greater the power of the arrow. Release the mouse button to shoot the arrow. Once, you hit the target, the game goes to another level, but the task gets complicated from one level to the next because with each level, you are positioned further away from your target and friend.

Drawing the Bow

Firing an arrow at full force makes it fly straight and increase the chance of hitting the target other than curving down into your friend. In “Apple Shooter”, it is recommended to aim higher and miss the apple than to aim low and risk hitting your buddy. Although the game is simple to play, some people may find it difficult to reach the higher levels. If you find it difficult reaching higher levels, use Apple Shooter cheats on the screen to guide your shooting.

levelcompleteAiming and Cheats

For the first levels, you can use the brick wall behind your friend as a visual guide. Aim the arrow on the fourth block from the top in the left column for level one. Draw the bow by long pressing the mouse button and release it to let the arrow fly. For levels two and three, aim the third brick from the top in the same column. You can complete level four and level five by pointing at the second and the top block respectively. Another tool that can help guide your shooting is the gauge that is on the upper left corner of the screen. The circular gauge can help you approximate the height at which the arrow will fly while the meter bars will indicate the force at which the arrow will fly. Powerful shots travel further increasing the chances of hitting the target. Using the Apple Shooter cheats together with your keen sense of hand-eye coordination you can navigate through all the 16 levels of the game.


Happy Wheels – Do you like playing violent games

Happy Wheels – Do you like playing violent gamesIntroduction to happy wheels game.

If you are a video game fanatic and like playing violent games with tough challenges, then I guarantee that you will be fascinated and remain glued to your computer once you begin enjoying happy wheels game. It is a challenging and adventurous science-based vehicle online game with amazing physics-based graphics and great sound effects that are created by a hardworking and extremely talented team of professionals.

This game has a twist that is slightly different whereby you will get a real feeling of the accident. You will be provided with a real picture of how fatalities can occur and how they can lead to lead to, loss of consciousness, bone fractures and even death. You get to choose a vehicle from either a bike, a two – wheeler or a wheelchair with the main aim being finding a way to reach the exit alive.

Instructions of the game.

It is fairly easy to participate in happy wheels demo and you are only restricted by your creativity. You first begin by picking a level and later on choose the character that you prefer, be it a father and son with his bike , a plump man with a shopping cart, or an old man in a wheelchair. You then get to enjoy a demanding game arena equipped with sheer hills, gorges, bridges and large stones with the main goal being finding an exit and stay alive.

While playing the game, you will be required to successfully maneuver through the many obstacles like wrecking balls, land mines, giant spiders and spikes. You have to beware of traps, creatures and some holes. You will also have to overcome all this challenges in order to reach the finish line so you can complete the levels. The game will be over once your character`s body explodes and it loses its head.

Controls of the game.

The controls of this game are quite smooth and easy-going and entirely depend on the primary keys which include the four arrows, the space bar, shift bar, the letters `Z` and `C` and finally the control key, for more details you should probably visit http://happywheelsunblocked.org.uk/. The up arrow is used to accelerate, the down arrow to decelerate, right arrow is used to lean forward and the left arrow to lean back. The space bar acts as the primary action key with shift and control being the secondary action keys. You will use the letter `Z` to eject and the letter `C` to switch the camera angle.